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History of "first" in medical devices in Italy for Gianluigi Delucca
1980-1983 Biostator artificial pancreas
1984-1990 Evoked potentials, digital EMG, sleep automatic analysis,EP IOM in neurosurgery, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), urodynamic, stabilometry, elettronistagmography
1990-1997 Quantitative evaluation of sensations (QST), Screening OSAS (Mesam), Actigraphy (Actiwatch), OSAS cpap therapy (Sefam).
1998-2003 EEG  256 channels, automatic EEG analysis, quantitative EMG
2003-2006 Keypoint.net
2006-2013 Brain computer interface, IOM monitoring of deep electrodes, intraoral electrical stimulation,
2014 - 2018  Observational research labs, automatic analisys of emotions, neuroscience analysis of images, automatic analysis of posture, environmental therapy, neuromarketing.
2018 -2020  Core temperature wireless monitoring, nocturnal epilepsy alarm

The activity of international trade is completed by audit and business development for small businesses and start-ups. In January 2015, it was published the book on sales management "We will sell e.customers to the customers."

The technical/scientific activity is completed by collaboration with universities for research projects and prototyping hardware/software.
2010-2012     Parkinson tests on touch screen (patent)
2015 - today  Research project on the analysis of actigraphy. First ever long term real life actigraphy monitoring at one second epoch.

e.mail: info@medricerca.it
Cell.     +39 3356396292
Skype: gianluigi.delucca

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