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Datalog 2015-2020

Data log 2015-2020
Sub-project 1 – Dataset

Sub-project 1 – Dataset – Phase I
That was the baseline. Six months at 1 minute epoch. Start date  17/12/2015

Sub-project 1 – Dataset – Phase II
Six months at 1 second epoch.

Sub-project 1 – Dataset – Phase III
Six months at 1 second epoch.Environnement change: ligh only wake up clock stopped. It was set at 7.00, at about 3 meters from the head.

Sub-project 1 – Dataset – Phase IV
Six months at 1 second epoch. In case of  early morning (4 to 6 a.m) wake up, most of the time  an eye mask is then used.

Sub-project 1 – Dataset – Phase V
Six months at 1 second epoch. It is the last Phase needed to reach the minimun of 2 years continous regording at 1 sec.
At the moment it is not known what should be a "sufficient" lenght of such a recording, since it is the first set ever recorded,  I think it should go ahead as long as possible, because it will show in one subject the change over time that is expected from short recordings in groups of different ages described in literature.

Subproject 1 - Recording Log
The epoch recording value was set at one minute. For the meaning of data sampling and units see this page.
Beside movement data, there are light levels read by the instrument. Please note that it is not possible to know if and when the instrument is covered by garments.
The Marker option is used to signal when the instrument is taken off. It is inserted at the beginning and at the end of a flat period, sometimes only at the beginning or at the end. It is possible that sometimes the marker button was not pressed properly. If so, it should be only in the morning  or at data download, always only for few minutes.

Phase II- Start day 17/06/2016
From now on the epoch will be one second. That will require a data dowload each day and the risk of data loss is higher.
Month 7 - Closed with only 2 days lost.
Month 8 - Closed
Month 9 - Closed
Month 10 - Closed
Month 11 - Closed - Back to standard time-
Month 12 - End

The main risk is that the subject will not accept to carry on the recording, for unknown reason. The fact that I'm the researcher and the subject lowers the risk. There are few ways for the subject to influence the data and nearly no one for the more interesting part, that is the sleep at night. That lowers possible bias from the researcher.
After the first year, it seems that 10% of raw data are lost due to mismanagement of the recording unit by the subject. The two main reasons are data not downloaded and battery life shorter than expected. For the latter, now the battery is changed when it reaches 30% of the full charge.

Phase III - Start day 17/12/2016
Month 13 - Closed
Month 14 - Closed
Month 15 – Closed
Month 16 - Closed - Change of local time, +1 from the first 3 months
Month 17 - Closed
Month 18 - Closed

Phase IV - Start day 19/06/2017
Month 19 - Closed
Month 20 - Closed
Month 21 - Closed
Month 22 - Closed  - Back to standard time-
Month 23 - Closed
Month 24 - Closed - 3 days of  core temperature monitoring

Phase V - Start day 17/12/2017
Month 25 - Closed
Month 26 - Closed
Month 27 - Closed
Month 28 - Closed - Change of local time, +1 from the first 3 months
Month 29 - Closed
Month 30 - Closed

With the end of Phase V, the subproject 1 dataset is completed.

Sub-project 2 – Dataset
A test of 5 days using an Actiheart, shows that the EKG behaviour is not as "normal" as expected.
The high/low HR day/night cycle is respected,  but there are too many variations during the night that do not seems to be simple artifacts.

Therefore a new subproject starts with the co-recording of wrist actigraphy with the Motionware8 and one ActiwaveCardio..
The Actiwave Cardio was selected against the Actiheart because it is able to record the full ECG plus position, and that is more suitable for the type of research of this project than the simple HR available with the Actiheart.
The memory of the Actiwave Cardio will require a daily download, but that is already needed for the Motionwatch8.

Subproject 2 - Recording Log

Recording mode ECG  is 128Hz, 8 bits, Acceleration 3 axis sampled at 32Hz.
That setting allows nearly the same recording time of the Motionwatch8.

Phase I - Start day 19/06/2018
Month 1 - Closed  This month was spent trying to set a suitable protocol.
The most difficult part is the electrodes management. The position is important for low artifacts and a good automated analysis, the glue will bring skin stress. Then the recorder memory and battery use  must be optimised.
At the moment I'm using two Actiwave Cardio with systems and  electrode change each 12 hours. Recording mode for ECG is 256 Hz, 10 bits; Acceleration 3 axis sampled at 32Hz.
3 days of  core temperature monitoring

Month 2 - Closed
Example of one day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Yellow HR, Blue Movement chest (counts), Red Movement Wrist (Counts, reversed for a better display).

From 7 p.m. to 8 a.m.
Red  HR, Yellow Movement chest (counts), Blue Movement Wrist (Counts, reversed for a better display).

Only 10 days were possible for the recording. The mix of hot temperature and sweat brought a large sensitised area and I was forced to stop.  The reecovering of the skin is slow.
While the skin recover, I started a recording with two actigraphs on the same wrist. The goal is to get a range of variability due to the differences in system calibration and position. It is not a perfect test due to the interaction of the two systems, but will provide a dimension of the issue. It is now 10 days and I'll try to reach 30.

Month 3 - Closed
A total of 36 days has been recorded with 2 units on the same wrist.
A new start for the Motionwatch8 (MW8) and ActiwaveCardio(AWC) co recording is planned for October.
During this month it was possible to record a very long day immobility phase (3 hours) on the dentist chair under the effect of 10 drops of Lexotan (Bromazepam) and local anesthetics.

Month 4 - Closed
Motionwatch8 (MW8) and ActiwaveCardio(AWC) co recording started October 7.
Two Actiwave Cardio with systems and  electrode change each 24 hours. Recording mode for EKG is 128 Hz, 8 bits; Acceleration 3 axis sampled at 32Hz.
The first ten days went smoothly and hopefully it will cover the change to solar time on October 26.

Month 5 - Closed
I'll try to meausre temperature as regularly as possible with a standard mercury thermometer as a background for a core temperature telemetric recording around October 26, the change from winter to solar time.
The co-recording ended at the end of October due to skin sensitation.

Month 6 - Partial - Closed
Unfortunately, the MW8 unit was lost at the end of November. The Phase is then closed and a new one is started with the unit. used for co-recording  during Month 2.

Phase II - Start day 1/12/2018
Actigraphy recording keep going and a new EKG start is planned for 2019.
Month 1 - Closed
Month 2 - Closed
Month 3 - Closed
Month 4 - Closed Change of local time, +1 from the first 3 months
Month 5 - Closed
Month 6 - Closed
Month 7 - Closed
Month 8 - Closed at June 19

Phase III  - Start day 19/06/2019
Month 1 - Closed - Start of a new EKG recording on June 24 - EKG recording had to stop after few days due to wheather too hot and sudoration
did not allowed electrode stability.
Month 2  - Closed
Month 3 -  Closed
Month 4  - Closed - Start of a new EKG recording on September 30
Month 5  - Closed  - Back to standard time-
Month 6 -  Closed
Month 7 -  Closed
Month 8 -  Closed - Intermittent fasting for one month starting January 1. Includes one week at EKG at 256 Hz and another at 512 Hz
Month 9 -  Closed -  Skin sensitation and pause of the EKG recording on February 3.
Month 10 -  Closed - Restart EKG on February 20 but new stop on February 29 for a new, stronger sensitation.

Phase IV - Start day 22/03/2020
Month 1 - Start of the experiment of co-recording of wrist actigraphy, EKG with chest actigraphy and core temperature.  The target of the experiment is to document the week before and the week after the change of time on the night between 27 and 28 March.
Due to COVID19 the social interactions are limited and it is possible to keep a better documentation of the daily activities.
27-3-2020 - Unfortunately, after two days the skin reacted with a bad cutaneous rush and the experiment had to end. To be reprogrammed at the end of September....
Month 2 - Closed
Month 3 - Closed
Month 4 - Closed
Month 5 - Closed
Month 6 - Closed
Month 7 - Closed  Due to illness, it was not possible to perform the co-recording
Month 8 - Closed
Month 9 - Closed

The EKG variations that were noted in the test were actually an heart defect as shown here

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